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What is Haunui?



On the rolling green foothills of South Island, New Zealand there is a small family owned and operated sheep farm called Taranui. It's been in the Gardner family for several generations and the chief shepherd, Harriet Gardner, calls it home.








Since 1982, Harriet Gardner and her beautiful flock of sheep have produced a highly sought-after wool of the highest caliber with their special black, brown and grey animals. The merino wool from these happy sheep is used to make exquisite Italian suits and high-end fabric for furnishing luxurious super yachts. And now thanks to Noro and the amazing Haunui yarn, we can enjoy this stunning fiber at home!







Taranui's unique flock is a fusion of New Zealand Halfbred and Fine Romney stock, bred for generations to ensure the very highest quality. Each fleece is meticulously checked, tracked and graded to ensure the best selection of quality and color. And most importantly, the sheep are never mulesed. 

From New Zealand, the fleece is exported to Japan and in the loving hands of Noro's experienced staff it is carded and spun. With great respect for the natural qualities of the wool, and per Noro's exacting standards, the fleece is never over processed. 



What can I knit with Haunui? 

This is the really exciting part! Of course you can knit anything that requires a medium-bulky gauge in 100% wool. We think hats and scarves and cowls would be amazing and we offer a large assortment of designs by Jenny Noto of Wanded 527 that would be fabulous paired with Haunui. All of her designs come with instructions for multiple weights of yarn, and the detail she puts into every pattern assures you will be successful in completing it - even if the stitches look unfamiliar. So if you're searching for a completely stunning toque, beanie or cowl, be sure to check out her designs, and shop the Haunui yarn here!



Introducing the Brioni Sweater



A warm cozy sweater in Haunui... now that would be positively luxurious, and we've found the perfect one. We've kitted up Haunui with an amazing sweater pattern for the best in winter knitting. The sweater is called Brioni and it is a classic top down sweater knit with two shades of Haunui in lovely colorwork across the shoulders. The top-down-yoke-with-colorwork method of knitting sweaters may be classic, but the design most certainly is not! A looping garland-like motif really takes this sweater to another level. And the deep rib at the hem and cuffs only add to its unique luxury.






Transport yourself to Taranui

Watch the video below for a taste of where this fiber is grown. Be sure to turn up your volume for the sound of these precious animals. For a few moments you'll be transported to New Zealand and the beautiful Taranui farm!






A word from Noro's Founder, Eisaku Noro





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