About Us

I was raised in a trailer on the wind-swept plains of Central Oregon. My mother was a difficult woman - a far cry from “Marmie” in “Little Women.”

But one day she sat me down and took out her needles and a ball of worsted yarn and said, “It’s time you learned something useful,” and suddenly she became the mother I had always yearned for.

Knitting is transformative.

I remember struggling with that first garter-stitch sampler – the steel needles felt so cold and foreign in my little hands, my first stitches looked so lumpy, my rows so crooked.

But when I finally finished that small patch of woven wool, my mother actually smiled and gave me a silent nod of approval.

I flushed from head to toe with a warm glow, fingering that first piece with the realization that, “Wow, I can actually do this.”

And so knitting became a sanctuary – my chapel in the woods.

Because I remember and cherish that feeling even after many years, I’m thrilled to be a part of creating memories for everyone who knits one of our kits or uses our yarn.

The Dizzy Knitter combines products of quality with the concept that knitting can reduce stress and encourage joy. By putting deliberate focus on each stitch we are encouraged to stay in the moment.

Our beautiful kits simplify choosing a pattern and yarn so you can create professional looking and even heirloom projects without the guesswork. When you have quality yarn and a pattern that is proven to work well with the fiber, your results are assured to be accurately sized and wearable.

We offer beautiful fibers from around the world. Handcrafted knitting needles from Nepal and accessories that remind us to appreciate a simple beauty in the creation process.

I am here for you.

Let The Dizzy Knitter be your local yarn store. And with your help, we can build this community together.

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