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Hi, I'm Pamela Fletcher owner of The Dizzy Knitter where you can find gorgeous knitting kits and supplies to make your next knitting project a joy.

If you're reading this you've probably downloaded our eBook "How To Knit An Easy Wrap You'll Be Proud To Wear".  If you haven't yet, you can download the FREE eBook with the pattern here.

If you're a newbie knitter and only know how to knit garter stitch, you will be able make yourself a beautiful wrap to wear for years to come. You can do this! 

If you're an experienced knitter, this shawl will be a breeze to make and you'll be surprised how elegant something this simple can be. (Oh, and it's the perfect project for those times when you don't want to be knitting something challenging.) 😉

In the video above I walk you through how to start this shawl if you're a beginning knitter. I include some tips and tricks to make your wrap something you'll be proud to wear and excited to tell people "I made this!"

And below are more videos highlighting different techniques from how to do a long tail cast on to weaving in your yarn ends.

So grab some yarn and begin - it's a fun easy knit that you'll reach for and wear for years to come.

👉🏻 Shop the yarn I used to knit the shawl here.

How to do a Long Tail Cast On:



How to kfb (Knit Front and Back to increase a stitch: 

(This is a quick excerpt from the main video tutorial at the beginning of this article)



How to Slip wyif (With Yarn In Front): 

(This is a quick excerpt from the main video tutorial at the beginning of this article)



How to do a Knit Bind or Cast off:  



How to Weave in The Yarn Ends:




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Mary Dahabura
Mary Dahabura

June 24, 2020

I am 82 years young and have been a knitter since I was 18. I learned how to crochet first from my Mother who did not knit. But when I went away to school, a classmate was a great knitter and she taught me. My first project was a pair of agile socks . They turned out great as she looked over my shoulder the whole way. When I finished she said “Now you can knit anything.” Over the years I agree with her. It’s my very favorite thing to do. I carry my projects with me all the time. I am glad that I found your site.

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