April 13, 2022 2 min read

We’re excited to have Asaginu, a new line of knitting fiber made from paper and linen, in the shop! You may never have heard of paper yarn before, but actually it's been around for a long time.

Asaginu follows a Japanese tradition of using Washi paper with another fiber such as linen to create a beautiful and stable yarn.

Japanese have been making paper yarns since the 10th century AD. Silk was for the high class, there were no sheep to get wools, and cottons made entry much later as it was not an indigenous crop.

Historically, flax (linen) & hemp were used for making fabrics, however paper yarn was also used for certain fabrics including clothes fit for Samurai and traditional kimonos!

 See examples of  kimonos made from washi fabric below and read more about the revival of paper cloth fashion here. 

What makes paper yarn so great?

Its breathability is perfect for humid summers. The high functionality of this fabric means that it's not only washable, but also durable.

Paper fabric can be laundered. And since Asaginu is a linen/paper blend you get beautiful properties from each.

The paper is said to absorb color very well and lasts a long time even when exposed to sunlight. We have 13 gorgeous, saturated colors in Asaginu yarn.



If you love high-quality, sustainable products, we think you'll agree that linen/paper yarn is a beautiful choice for summer knitting. The key is being able to find top quality fibers and Noro has long been trusted as an eco-friendly yarn provider.

Looking for ideas for some summer wear made from Asaginu? We have kits available now with more on the way soon!



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