Iris Shawl Kit

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Pacific Sky/Sandy Castle
Aurora Borealis/Bone
Dusty Woods/Cornflower
Island Coast/White Lion
Lake House/Buttercup
Lotus Flower/Andean Flamingo
Lotus Flower/Celadon
Lotus Flower/Sweet Pea
Mariana Trench/Pearl
Mariana Trench/Turquoise
Mermaid Dreams/Sandy Castle
Mermaid Dreams/Clumber Spaniel
Mermaid Dreams/Praying Mantis
Misty Dawn/Sandy Castle
Sahara Skies/Sandy Castle
Starry Night/Stone
Starry Night/Cornflower
Tropical Sunset/White Lion

This easy-to-knit shawl in alternating garter stitch stripes is the perfect project to take on the go. The asymmetrical Iris shawl is worked from one end and the stripes get ever wider as you proceed. It's great for beginning knitters and a super fast project for pros!

  • Fiber Content: 94% Mako Cotton, 6% Nylon
  • Finished Size: Approximately 60" wide and 23" at its deepest point.
  • Knitting level: Beginner
  • Hand wash cold water, dry flat

The kit includes variegated Rainbow Cumulus + solid Cumulus to create the striped effect.

Knitting needles are not included.

You will require US 10 - 24" circular or 32" circular needles.

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